Discover The Faces Gallery & Gastro Bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Discover the lost ancient city in a mystical rainforest terracotta garden, antiques gallery, gastro bar and restaurant.

Faces Statues

The Faces Gallery and Gastro Bar has transformed an original terracotta art warehouse into the ultimate dining experience in the Old City of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Antiques Hand
Inside dining

Today, the terracotta garden showcases culturally-inspired and thoughtful artwork made by local artists.

Face carving

As a family of art curators, collectors and dealers, it was important to share the talent of the community in a natural setting. The existing growth and beauty of the land has been preserved, where the forest and foliage grow freely among the artwork creating an idyllic and picturesque atmosphere to lounge in. 

Outdoor dining

While you find inspiration from the art and decor, the restaurant & gastro bar presents traditional Thai cuisine, western fusion, famous pizza and fascinating cocktails made with love. The recipes are inspired by the heritage of the family and expertise of well-known culinary chefs in Asia.

Baked rice

Invite yourself to be adventurous and explore the menu. From Duck Confit to Miang Pla Tord, Pork-infused Pineapple Fried Rice, and of course, PIZZA... you are guaranteed to be surprised and delighted all at once. 

Duck Confit
Miang Pla Tord
Pork & Pineapple Fried Rice

Tips for dining at The Faces:

  • Do try to visit during the day and evening for two very special dining experiences

  • Do be adventurous and explore the menu - try something you've never heard of or ask the owners for a recommendation! 

  • Do wander the space and see how many faces you can spot

Special Thank You To:

Tanya, Mig, Petra, Kevin and the entire Faces team

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