A Green Luxury Experience at Coco-Mat Hotel Nafiska: A Review

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The fairytale begins: Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a man who scoured the earth for life’s purpose. One starry summer night he fell asleep by the sea and what a strange dream he had. He found a way to help people dream more. No time to waste, he called a craftsman to make beds, and an old lady to sew pillows. He bought a spinning wheel and yarns, goose down and duck feathers. He gathered wool and lavender, seaweed and horse’s hair and made a bed so nice it made his dream come true.
Suite Living Room

Located in the beautiful suburbs of Kifisiá, COCO-MAT Hotel Nafiska by COCO-MAT World is home to the ultimate sleeping experience in Athens, Greece. COCO-MAT World has introduced the concept of ‘green luxury’, crafting a hotel with sleep systems and decor derived from nature.

Chair Pillow

With chic and innovative characteristics and decor, it is no surprise that COCO-MAT Hotel has been recognized for its design, comfort and functionality.

Aromatherapy gift

Throughout the various room and suites, you’ll pick-up on the well-orchestrated symphony of perfected details. From warm colours to clean lines, fresh linens, wooden details and gentle luxury - COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika understands the beauty in combining simple yet profound elements for greatest enjoyment.


Beyond the bedroom, the hotel presents exciting food experiences focused on high nutrition and taste value.


An open-kitchen concept gives guests a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes. You can see the chefs in action preparing dishes throughout the day.

Honesty Bar

The hotel also features an ‘Honesty Bar’ where guests can craft their own personal drink. Prepare your drink, mark your order on the special notepad, and the rest will be taken care of.

Wine on tap

Breakfast is one of the most important and defining meals of the day, and COCO-MAT Hotel Nafiska knows how to do it absolutely right. The hotel places extra importance on serving a powerful breakfast meal with the flavors of high nutritional value.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner based on traditional Greek & Mediterranean recipes. The restaurant is a first-class dining opportunity to discover the delights of culture and heritage!

Honesty Bar Set-Up

Away from the busy city of Athens, you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the beautiful suburb and surrounding areas of Kifisiá.

Take your relaxation outdoors to the “herbal garden” where you can relax and appreciate the aromatic plants and herbs.

Herbal Garden

There's even a worm hotel! 

Worm Hotel

Discover the area of Kifisiá on the complimentary COCO-MAT bicycles. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the neighbourhood, visit local shops or take your mind off things.

Stay indoors and enjoy the ‘living room experience’ where you can put your feet up in style. Extra comfy pillows, large windows to let in natural sunlight and scenic views of the surrounding gardens, makes it a little spot you’ll never want to leave. The hotel offers many ways to enjoy your time including an internet lounge and fully-stocked library.


The combination of professional care, beautifully decorated and comfortable rooms & suites, powerful nutritious meals, joyful bicycle strolls, and a “herbal garden” make up just a summary of the unique experience that you live at COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika.

The hotel is a microcosm of natural simplicity in the complex and turbulence of today’s world.


  • Do go for a stroll on the complimentary COCO-MAT bicycles

  • Do prepare yourself a special cocktail at the Honesty Bar

  • Do enjoy the scenic views of the herbal garden and surrounding mountain range

  • Do be adventurous and try as many dishes at the open-concept restaurant


Artimas, Maria, Dimitria and the entire team at COCO-MAT Hotel Nafiska


COCO-MAT Hotel Nafiska
6 Pellis Street
Kifisiá, Athens 14561
For a reservation: 
Call: +30 210 80 18 027
Email:  info@nafsika.gr
Website: https://nafsika.coco-mat-hotels.com/